New Wedges, Large Grooves

The most important clubs in my bag are my wedges. I have plenty of length off the tee (when I can keep the ball in or near the fairway), so I hit some type of wedge an my approach to most par 4s, tee off with a wedge on short par 3s, and I do all of my chipping with wedges. Even when I’m not scoring well, my scoring clubs get a lot of use.

At the beginning of last year I bought a new set of irons with matching wedges. I’ve played over 3000 holes of golf with that set, which can wear out the grooves. Worn out grooves impact less spin, making it harder to stop the ball on the green. I’ve been thinking about picking up some new wedges to help my game.

Every year I try to get down to the King Par SuperStore for their tent sale. Today was that day. There was a good deal on these Cleveland CG14s and they felt great on the driving range. I picked up a 52°, 56°, and 60° for $60/each to replace my AW, SW, and LW.

The nice thing about these wedges are the large grooves, which help to get even more spin on the ball. Due to a 2010 USGA groove restriction, golf club manufacturers are not making grooves this big anymore because the pros can’t use them. Good thing I’m not a pro. As an amateur, I can legally play the outlawed grooves until at least 2024.

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