Blame it on the Wind

Today was my first day golfing at Bay City Country Club for the SVSU golf league. The temperature wasn’t much higher than 60, especially with a steady 2 club wind. When you start off with a 10 on the first hole you know the end result isn’t going to come out how you want. Add in an eight on the other par 5 and it all adds up to a nasty 52. At least I went bogey-par-bogey on the last three holes.

The course is definitely one of the nicest, if not the nicest, I’ve played in the Saginaw area. It’s definitely one of the most difficult and probably has more sand than the other 3 courses I play most often combined. Nearly every hole had fairway bunkers near the landing zones and the greens seemed to be surrounded. It’s a good thing I can hit it long enough to bomb it past the fairway bunkers when there isn’t so much wind.

I was happy with my iron and wedge play for the most part, but my putting pretty much sucked. The greens are a lot faster than I’m used to and they were also recently air-rated (or whatever you call it) so the ball bounced a little here and there.

I’m really looking forward to playing a more challenging course each week, compared to my other league which is basically on a 27 hole course that little more than a field with trees and nice grass. I shot a 44 for league there on Tuesday after being unable to hit a sand wedge. I was inside of 100 yards for my approach shot on every single par 4 and 5. Ugly!