I Hit A Brick Wall

My golf game was finally starting to come around the past couple of weeks. I shot 43 last Thursday, 48-43 Friday, 39-45 Saturday, and 42 on Tuesday. Then today…a whopping 56 which equals my first 9 holes of the year out in Phoenix back in February. I took three penalty strokes, missed three 3 foot putts, and three putted I don’t know how many times. Never had a single one putt or a par the entire 9 holes. It was awful.

Hopefully I got it out of my system though because I’m playing 18 holes tomorrow (Friday) at Bay Valley, 27 holes on Saturday at Maple Leaf, and 18 holes on Sunday at Swan Valley. A couple of friends and I have been looking forward to this weekend for the past month when we first made plans. If I play golf like I did today it’s going to be a loooong weekend!

Tiger Woods Playing 2007 Buick Open

I’ve been to the Buick Open probably 4 or 5 times, but missed the last couple of years because the dates conflicted with a festival in my hometown. This year the Buick Open was moved up to the end of June and I bought tickets over 4 months ago. It’s always a great time and Warwick Hills is a nice course for walking around. We also will hit up the big King Par tent sale and spend some money. I’m actually holding off on a new pair of golf shoes until then.

I heard on the radio the other day Tiger has committed to defending his title from 2006 as long as his wife isn’t having the baby that weekend. I’m crossing my fingers, because it’s always fun to watch the greatest golfer in the world, especially on a course with a couple of drivable par 4s.

Health Update

Quick update on my health, after the scary trip to the emergency room

I saw my family Doctor and he referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist figured it was either a really bad migraine or some type of “bug” in the brain. With the history of brain aneurysms in the family (grandparent on each side died from it), he wanted to do some tests to rule it out for me. I had a MRI and a MRA done on my brain a couple of weeks ago and am getting an EEG in a couple weeks, then a month later I go back to see the neurologist. When I had the MRI and MRA done the technician didn’t see anything jump out at him and the Doctor hasn’t called me, so I’m guessing everything looked fine there.

I haven’t had any further headaches and have been feeling great, so it looks like nothing serious.

I'm Losing 2 Teeth And Getting a Dental Implant

Doesn’t it sound like fun?

I finally hooked up with a local dentist after visiting the one in my hometown for years. I’ve been having some problems on tooth #19 (lower back left area) and the decay is so bad it would be a miracle to save the tooth. So I’ve decided to go with a dental implant instead of spending the money on a root canal and everything and then I might still need the dental implant in a couple of years.

For a dental implant, basically what they do is pull the tooth and then put a titanium screw in the jaw bone where the roots of the tooth were. It can take 8-10 months for the bone to grown in and around the threads of the screw to form a solid foundation. Once that’s ready, a titanium cap it put on the screw where a crown can then be attached. (Photos of dental implants and steps involved.)

I’m also getting tooth #15 taken out because it’s nonfunctional, meaning it doesn’t bite against another tooth. Because of my under bite, this tooth had previously worked with the lower left wisdom tooth, which was removed last year. As long as I’m going to an oral surgeon to work on the left side of my mouth, might as well get this one taken care of as well.

Here’s a lesson folks…don’t get hooked on pop like I did when I was younger. Even though I quit drinking pop a couple of years ago, I’m paying for it now with dental work!

Pistol: The Life of Pete Maravich

“Pistol” Pete Maravich was the greatest college basketball player to ever play the game. The “Pistol” was a guard and he averaged over 40 points a game throughout college before there was ever a 3 point line. He had a great shot and actually made a lot of shots which would have easily been worth 3 points in today’s game. No one will ever come close to his scoring record.

Mark Kriegel did a great job writing this book as far as information goes, but his story telling left a little to be desired. I enjoyed reading the book because I learned a lot about “Pistol” Pete, but I felt as if I was struggling to get from page to page.

If you’re a basketball fan, I recommend reading this book to learn about one of the greatest players to play the game of basketball. Pete changed the way bball was played and is responsible for a lot of what we see today in games.

Home Improvements

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been busy with home improvements. First my Dad came down for a weekend and we did some odds and ends, but the big project was installing a ceiling fan/light in my bedroom. Previously there wasn’t a light in the room and with it being a pretty large room it was hard to see with just a corner lamp in the room.

Neither my Dad or I are electricians or have any experience, but we got the project done and learned a lot along the way. The original configuration had a switch at the door of the room which controlled the top plug of two outlets. In the end, this switch draws power and is connected to another switch inside my closet (which is right by my bed). So now I can turn the light/fan on when walking in/out the room and also when jumping into bed. All of the plugs on the outlets are always hot now and no longer controlled by a switch. The entire project too a whole day, 4 trips to Home Depot, and who knows how many trips up into the attic. It sure does make the room look nice though.

On Sunday I started tearing down wallpaper in the closet and sink area of my bedroom. The original plan was to do both this are and the bathroom at the same time. After over 5 hours on the first room, I decided to turn them into two separate projects because not having good lighting and a mirror by the sink really sucks! Monday I moved all of my clothes out of the closet (the wallpaper stopped right before the closet area of the room) and took down all of the shelving and clothes hanging bars, then scrubbed any remaining glue from the walls and wiped them down. Last night I sanded and patched up all of the holes and marks on the walls. Hopefully tonight I can sand my patch jobs, wipe down the walls, put on some Kilz where it’s needed, and get the painting done. That would leave Thursday night to put everything back together in the room, move in my clothes, and finally unpack some boxes which hadn’t been done since moving in.

Every project turns out to be much harder and more time consuming than you originally think, but of course I then add on to them as well. I don’t like to do shit half-ass, so I do the extra work. I figure if I’m working on it, might as well do things right the first time and spend the extra time.

Owning a home is really a lot of work, but it feels great to accomplish something and know you are adding value to your home at the same time as you’re making it look great.