MtDewVirus is now the 5th result when searching nick on Google. Movin’ in up…

Update: Here at work I’m up to #4 while using Firefox, but if I search in IE it comes up #12. Google Personalized Search is screwing with my search results! Turn of GPS and FF shows MDV at #12. Damn, I thought I was gaining in the world.

Poker Chip Colors

I’ve never memorized the standard colors used for different poker chip denominations, so I looked them up. Thought I’d post them here as well for reference.

  • White – $1
  • Red – $5
  • Blue – $10
  • Green – $25
  • Black – $100

I'd Rather Be Home Playing WOW

Overheard on Friday night in the movie theater as The Da Vinci Code was about to begin…

I’m not even excited for this movie anymore. I should just go home and play WOW.

“Wow” is right. I hope I never get the urge to play the game.

By the way, I thought the movie was an excellent adaptation of the book. Big thumbs up to Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, and Dan Brown.

Money Back in Spades

You know the saying that ends with “money back in spades.” We’ve all heard it in different ways…

  • Earned his money back in spades.
  • Repaid their money back in spades.
  • etc…

Why spades? If we’re talking money, shouldn’t diamonds be the more expensive suit in a deck of cards?

How to Break 80 Newsletter

How to Break 80 is a site where you can purchase an eBook (along with many other free bonuses) of golf tips for $37. Travelling Golfer was doing a review a few weeks ago, so I visited the site and found the free newsletter. Each week I get an email with 2 golf tips in an effort to help me break 80 in an 18 hole round of golf. It hasn’t worked yet, but the tips are very good. Simple, but very understandable.

In just the few short weeks I’ve been receiving the newsletter I’ve read some great tips I had never heard before. Eventually I’ll probably dish out the cash for the eBook and free lifetime upgrades to “How to Break 80” but for now I’m enjoying the free golf tips in my inbox each week. Sign up and you won’t regret the extra email message once a week.

Heads Up SNGs

I still haven’t been playing much poker, but wanted to write something, so here you have it.

Once a week or so I get the urge to play for a quick hour or so and my game of choice has been heads up sit ‘n go tournaments on Noble Poker. I like the blind levels and the different buyins they have available. Rarely does it ever take more than a minute or two to get a game started no matter which buyin I choose to play. For the most part I’ve been playing from $20-$50 games and winning more than I lose. Last week I even took a shot playing an Omaha HU SNG and won! I’ll be the first to admit I had no clue what I was doing. Either I made the right moves at the right times or got extremely lucky. If I was a gambler I’d bet on door #2.

The reason I like the HU SNG so much is because they’re fast, yet still provide a nice challenge. You have to constantly monitor your opponents betting patterns and it’s not too tough to figure them out after a few hands. One of the toughest calls I have is calling a big raise on the river with a medium pair even though I think my opponent is simply following through with a bluff. I always like to have the chip lead and end up thinking I could find a better spot to take advantage.

Even though I’m rarely playing (but enjoying everything else about life a LOT more) I learn each time I play these. I try to take the upper hand by being aggressive right from the start, but I find the most challenge when I run into the same type of player. Just typing this makes me want to run home and jump in a game right now. I still enjoy playing poker, but have come to realize I’ll never be a great player in any of the games, so it’s a lot smarter to spend my time doing other things.

Stuck Around 43-46

For the past couple of weeks my scoring has been stuck in the 43-46 range. I did break 40 once this year, and over the weekend shot a 40 and 41, but I seem to be giving away too many shots on most rounds. The inconsistency of my driving is the part of my game that gets me most often.

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about the driving range and I haven’t been there since, which I know is my problem. I’ve found out what’s wrong with my driver swings, but haven’t had the time to put in the repetitions and get comfortable with the changes. When I do things right I’m smoking my drives, but the confidence isn’t there yet and it’s costing me several strokes each round.

I’m definitely stopping at the range tonight after work.