Interesting Site Ideas

Some of the ideas people come up with to make money from web sites is always interesting to me. Some of my favorite off the wall ideas in the past year or two were Save Toby and Million Dollar Homepage. My friend Jere recently sent me a link to Husband on Strike and I happened to surf back to the site today. The guy has already been on Geraldo Rivera and Dr. Phil according to his blog and he’s added advertising.

There’s all kinds of money to be made online. You just need to come up with the right idea.

The Big Break…A Big Deal?

The Golf Channel‘s Big Break series is now on Big Break V and I can say I’ve never watched a single episode of any of the five series. Is it anything special? Am I missing out on some good golf TV?

I’ve caught a glimpse here are there for a few minutes as I was flipping through channels, but never stayed tuned in. I love playing golf and I love watching pro tournaments on TV. There’s just something about watching wanna-be pros fighting for a spot on one of the tours that turns me off. It would have to be really good TV to get me interested.

So, if you’re a BB fan convince me…

High of 50

Tonight is the 2nd week of my golf league and the weather is calling for a high of 50 degrees today, which should make golfing real enjoyable. I’ll be layering up with a sweatshirt over my work clothes and then my rain gear/wind breaker and pants over the top of that. I might even wear my rain gloves to help keep my hands warm.

Not only will it be an interesting night because of the cold weather, but I took a nasty crash on my bike this weekend. My shoulder is still pretty sore when I lift it or move it too fast, so I can’t wait to see how my golf swing looks. Maybe it’ll be cold enough to numb the pain!