Another Crash

Yesterday I managed to crash again while out biking. The last time was in June of 2004, so I guess I was due for some injuries.

Left ShoulderThis crash was all my fault unlike the last time when my bike slipped on a wet root out in the woods. I was cruising along down a paved bike path yesterday and when I came to the turn-around at one end I didn’t slow down much. Centrifugal forces took over and my bike slid right out from under me as I rounded the corner at nearly 20 mph. I went down hard on my left shoulder as you can see in the picture. My body went sliding/bouncing/grinding across the asphalt for least a good 5 feet and probably closer to 10 or more. I didn’t hit my head, but came damn close as my sunglasses smacked the pavement and went flying off.

It took me a few seconds to gather myself and realize what happened. As I got to my feet my body was shaking a bit and I was seeing stars. The handlebars of my bike were twisted and the seat was rotated all the way to the left. I felt the pain in my shoulder right away and after lifting my shirt it didn’t look so hot. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t break anything (or at least I don’t think I did) and didn’t need stitches this time even though I was bleeding from seven different places. I’ve iced the shoulder the past two nights, but it’s going to be pretty sore for a few days. I just hope it’s good enough for golf league on Tuesday night.

I guess I need to learn how to slow down.

More crash photos.