Weight Loss Status

I didn’t reach my goal of 180 by the end of March but I did make progress for 2 straight months. I’ve been at 187 for almost 2 weeks, but finally hit 186.5 this morning. The fat has definitely been dropping off and I’ve been feeling better, both physically and mentally. I’m enjoying eating a healthy diet for the first time in my life and it really does make a difference.

With the weather changing I’ll be a lot more active and should see some more results over the next month. I know there’s more weight to lose because I can see it. The more time I put into building up some muscles the easier it’ll be to get rid of the extra fat.

I’m not quite sure what it is about this year, but I know more people working out and eating healthy than I can ever remember before.

Golf Trip to Indiana

On Friday morning my Dad and his buddies picked me up and we headed south to Indiana for some golfing. The first stop was in Angola, IN for lunch. Tri-State University was right across the street and their course, Zollner Golf Course, looked like a good place to start the golf season. $30 for 18 holes and a cart wasn’t too bad a price tag either. The weather wasn’t all that great when we started, but it was comfortable with jeans and a golf wind-breaker. All four of us got off the first tee and I was golfing in March for the first time in my life. What a great feeling!

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Poker will be taking a backseat for me for awhile. I just don’t care to spend as much time playing the game as I used to. When I was living alone it wasn’t a problem. It’s time to spend more time with friends and get out a little more. I’ll still try to play once or twice a week, but it hasn’t been a priority for quite a few months now and with the weather warming up I’ll be concentrating more on golf and other outdoor activities.

The blog isn’t dying, but if you’ve followed 2 Hole Cards over the last 6 months or so you probably saw this coming. Post frequency has been declining for quite some time now. Thanks for everyone’s support, but don’t count me out of the game just yet.