Rotors and Pads

I took my TrailBlazer in to get checked out this morning because it started making some grinding/rubbing noises in the back when I was going at slower speeds. Turns out I need new rotors and pads on the back and front. I just love putting money into a vehicle…don’t you?


I had first ready about Hamachi a few months ago on Bryan’s site and finally got around to trying it out this weekend. It’s one slick piece of software. Much easier than setting up a VPN and all that junk.

With Hamachi you can organize two or more computers with an Internet connection into their own virtual network for direct secure communication.

Hamachi is fast, secure and simple. It is also free.

Think – LAN over the Internet.

Think – Zero-configuration VPN.

Think – Secure peer-to-peer.

Access computers remotely. Use Windows File Sharing. Play LAN games. Run private Web or FTP servers. Communicate directly. Stay connected.

Michigan Golfers Enjoy Some "Warm" Weather

Golf rangeI’ve previously mentioned the new golf center that opened here in Saginaw and I’ve had a chance to visit the past two days. Yesterday it was about 40 degrees out and maybe a bit too chilly, but I wanted to hit a few balls. Today was much nicer at 48 degrees, but the wind was still a bitch.

The photo was taken with my RAZR camera phone and shows how packed the place was. They place probably has 30 hitting mats and every single one was full with another 5-10 people waiting for a spot. The golf center has a nice setup with big heaters over the top of the hitting areas, which helps a bit, but not as much as you’d expect.

Yesterday when I hit I didn’t work on anything specific. I just wanted to get in some swings and enjoy it. Today I only took two clubs with me though and worked on some little things in my swing. I took the weighted club that I bought and also took my 7 iron. I love the heavy club, but I’m pretty sore from using it so much this weekend. My shoulders and upper back got a pretty good workout. While hitting today I worked on a shorter back swing, tempo, and not pulling out with my left shoulder. I hit the ball pretty good for it being on the second time of the year.

Round 2 Day 1

I was 4 out of 6 on yesterday’s wagers for a profit of $35.01 (running total of $60.59). The small little wagers really are making the games more interesting, especially since my brackets have all gone to shit after today. It’s time to up the antes a bit and try some different bets for round 2 of the tournament.

I went with some 2 team and 3 team round robin parlays on the following teams.

Duke -9 for the 2 team parlays and -9.5 for the 3 team parlays)

*The damn line changed after I made the 2 team parlays.

Indiana +3.5

Illinois -2

Wichita State +3

Now that I think of it, it was pretty dumb to do both 2 and 3 team round robins with the same teams. Oh well. It’s money the fish donated to my poker bankroll long ago.

I guess I’m hoping Bit Ten can recover from Friday’s games. I can’t stand the Zags, so Indiana was an easy pick. Wichita State is my sleeper pick of the day.

Buy Golf Balls on eBay

As technology gets better, prices go up. A box of a dozen golf balls can cost anywhere from $10 to $50. You hit these balls once or twice and they’re no longer new. But guess what…the majority of us hackers will keep playing that used ball until it’s in the water or we lose it in the rough. I’d bet that over 95% of the time we’re hitting “used” golf balls on the course. So why do most people continue to buy new golf balls at some of the outrageous prices?

eBayA couple of years ago I started to buy my golf balls on eBay several dozen at a time. I always go with balls that are in mint or AAA condition because they’ll rarely have any type of scratch or imperfection on them. Most of the time they’ll have some type of logo, but in reality they’re just another used golf ball that someone smacked a couple of times and then hit it the water or lost in the rough. At half the price or less I’ll gladly buy these balls.

One particular seller I’ve had great luck with on eBay is Knet Golf, but there are many more golf balls on eBay.

Best Golf to Watch

I always enjoy watching the Masters. It’s unlike any other golf tournament and I think a lot of it has to do with the green jackets of Augusta National Golf Club. The TV coverage provided is better than any other sports event the world has to offer. Sometimes they don’t have any commercials at all, but they’ll usually stick to a maximum of 2 minutes of commercial time for every hour of coverage. You can’t beat it.

Is the Masters Tournament over-hyped? Probably. Do I care? No. The pros don’t seem to care either. They all look forward to the Masters because of it’s history and the special honor of wearing a green jacket if they end up with the best score on Sunday afternoon.

What’s your favorite golf tournament to watch and why?

All In Stealing Content

The web site for All In Mag is republishing feeds of the top 200 poker blogs…without permission. I’m not linking to their site here but it’s not hard to find. Look them up and check out the Blogs section. No original content of their own. Another site called Blogs on Poker (put those 3 words together for the domain) is publishing over 200 poker blog feeds as well. There’s a crook around every corner…

Performancing Metrics

Performancing came out with a free public beta of a blog tracking service earlier this week, called Performancing Metrics. I haven’t used it a very much yet, but it looks very promising. Most statistics services and packages are bloated with useless data. PM gives bloggers access to the data they’ll need most often and it works great. The site responds quickly and stats are updated every hour. Best of all…you can track multiple blogs from one account!