Bonus Clearance & Bankroll Buildance

Just a quick post for an update of the last two days.

In addition to hitting royal flush #6 on Tuesday I was able to clear about 400 more raked hands for the Party Poker bonus. In the process I also took down a profit of $20. Nothing spectacular, but always better than a losing day.

Last night I had to split my play up in order to go out to Hooter’s with some friends. Wednesday is All-You-Can-Eat wings and fries for $8.95! Before dinner I was crushing the $0.50/1 tables and sorry I had to leave. In addition, I only needed to play another 90 raked hands to finish off the bonus. After dinner I jumped back into the fish bowl and was down early. I hit a few big hands and turned another profit. It didn’t take long to clear the bonus and I logged off right after. After 4 solid days of play I cleared the required 1400 raked hands and $200 of bonus cash was transferred to my account.

In addition to the bonus I took another $187 in profit from the tables for a total of $387. Not bad hey! I’m still leaving money on the table at times though. If a bluff doesn’t work right away I need to learn to give it up. Accepting defeat is never easy though.

Since starting my bankroll over at $300 I’ve been able to find my zone again at the tables. I’m starting to “feel” my way through hands, which is a good sign. With the help of a few bonuses and winning days at the tables my bankroll is back up to nearly $800. Only $200 more and I’m moving back to the $1/2 tables.

I won’t be playing any online poker until at least Monday with the Easter weekend. The next stop on my bonus whoring tour is MultiPoker.