Some Bad Plays

After hitting two royal flushes last night I was on a poker high so I decided to wait until today to review my play from the session. My biggest losing hand was so horribly played that I can’t believe it myself. I raised in late position with AcTc and one limper called. The flop was 7-high with a pair of 4s. It was bet into me, so I raised to see where I was at. I was then re-raised and this should be an easy fold with my ace-high hand. Nope, I capped it and then went raising again on 4th street. I ended up losing 7 BB on the hand, which is 5 more than I should have.

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Ya Nut

Does anyone else love the new Coke commercial? It’s the one with the “…put the lime in the Coke, ya nut…” jingle. I can’t stop singing it!

Double Royal

I try not to post poker stuff here anymore, but this is worthy of a posting. While playing at Party Poker I hit the 4th and 5th royal flushes of my life less than 30 minutes apart. This is unheard of! It’s hard enough to get a royal flush, let alone two in such a short period of time.

Royal Flush #5

You’re never going to believe this…hell, I can’t even believe it. Before I was even done writing that last post, I hit another royal flush! Less than 30 minutes after #4 came #5. I heard back from Party Poker already about the first royal flush and I get a free hat. I emailed them again for the 2nd one and they said I get a hat, so I replied asking for a t-shirt or something different if possible.

Another Royal Flush

Royal Flush #4

I hit the 4th royal flush of my life tonight while playing at Party Poker. This time I sent them an email asking about if they have an special bonus. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a hat out of the deal or something. Doesn’t hurt to ask right?

royal flush