Little Poker Table

Little Poker TableThe Poker Chip Tricks site brings me into contact with many different people taking advantage of the poker boom. Two months ago I was contacted by Stu about his Little Poker Table. The majority of people contacting me want a link exchange, but Stu was different. He was selling a product and knew that advertising was the appropriate thing to ask for. Since our initial contact, Stu and I have exchanged numerous messages and not all of them have been business.

In exchange for a month of advertising (to test the waters), Stu sent me my very own Little Poker Table. As soon as I opened the package I noticed the quality of the item. As you can see by the photos (view more), the felt is showing some wear. This just goes to show how much I use the table. My table sits right on my computer desk so whenever I’m playing online poker I can practice my tricks.

Little Poker TableSo, what is the Little Poker Table? To put it simply, it’s a very small poker table. It’s “a place to shuffle” or practice other poker chip tricks. The table is almost 12 inches wide and just over 8 inches deep, giving the right amount of space to shuffle poker chips or do most other chip tricks. The surface has a nice padding covered with green felt. Three edges of the table have a wood railing that comes up, helping to keep chips from rolling away. The top edge has three spots each capable of holding 6 poker chips. The Little Poker Table comes with 18 poker chips split between two colors, so you don’t even need your own set of chips.

I don’t remember the initial price of the Little Poker Table, but I recall it being in the $50 range. Stu has recently made some changes with the business and as a result the price has been lowered to $32.95. Taking the quality of the table and the use you’ll get out of it into consideration, I think the price is worth the buy for any poker player spending a lot of time at the online poker tables.

Get your own Little Poker Table.

Round 1

With the first round of the 2005 NCAA tournament completed, I couldn’t have asked for better games. I knew it was going to be a great year for March Madness, but didn’t know it was going to be so special. I won’t go into too much detail because anyone who cares would be watching the action anyways, but here are a few highlights:

  • Coach K of Duke tied Dean Smith for the most coaching wins in the history of the NCAA tournament with 65.
  • North Carolina was the only #1 seed to completely control their first round game over a #16. Every other #1 looked to be in trouble for a good portion of the game. I’ve never seen this before. Usually the #1 vs. #16 match-ups are 20-30 point blowouts.
  • No team scored 100 points.
  • Upset specials included:
    • #14 Bucknell over #3 Kansas
    • #13 Vermont over #4 Syracuse
    • #12 Wisconsin-Milwaukee over #5 Alabama
    • #11 UAB over #6 LSU
    • #10 NC State over #7 Charlotte
    • #9 Mississippi State over #8 Stanford
    • #9 Nevada over #8 Texas
    • #9 Iowa State over #8 Minnesota
  • Many other teams came back from 15+ point deficits to make the end of their game interesting.

College basketball is a true joy for me to watch. The power of confidence really shows during the games and this year, no team is safe from an upset. College athletes don’t get paid to play, so they are on the court playing for the love of the game. Just watch the emotions at the end of a game when the senior players from the losing team realize they’ve just participated in their final game.

My brackets are doing all right. In my main bracket I successfully picked 5 of the 8 upsets above and I swear that I wanted to pick Vermont over Syracuse, but just couldn’t do it. Now I wish I had. The problem with my brackets is that I chose too many upsets. Next year I’ll have to remember that about 2 upsets per region happen in the first round. I’m looking forward to the rest of the tournament.

So Much For Not Playing

Yesterday I made a deposit to Empire Poker to take advantage for the 15% reload bonus up to $100 (bonus code GET15). I played in between games and after they were over, clearing the required 500 raked hands in the process. After I was done, I withdrew my money right away and I just deposited over at Party Poker for the March reload bonus of 20% up to $200 (bonus code BONUSMAR). I have to play 1400 raked hands to clear it, so it’ll take a little longer. In addition, I have bonus funds waiting to be earned at Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt, and Poker Stars as well. I’m starting to sound like Mr. Bonus Whore himself. 😉

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