A Little Time

I found a little time to play poker tonight in between the early and late sessions of college basketball. I 4-tabled $0.50/1 and managed to get in 125 hands with a profit of $1. Woohoo!

Not bad considering my rockets lost to 99 that ended up with a straight, my AQ flopped trip aces and lost to a flush (which cold-called my pre-flop raise with Th5h), AJ lost to AA when an ace came on the flop and kept me in the hand, and a flopped full house with J9 ended up splitting the pot with QJ when the turn and river brought aces.

When looking at hands I lost the most big bets on, there were only 3 hands where I lost more than 2 BB. How did I only win a $1 if I didn’t have any big losing hands? Well, I only money on 6 hands. One of those was a split pot and another I had second best but won money because the winner was all-in.

As they have over the last two sessions, my stats look solid. My VP$IP was 14.4% for the short session, but I played my big hands hard. Besides the loss with AA, I won the other two times I had them for nice profits of 8 and 12 BB. Since I moved back down to Party’s lowest limit I’m up 32 BB for an average of 3.62 BB/100 hands. I’d say that’s pretty damn good considering that my VP$IP over that period is only 15.22%. It should be somewhere between 17 and 20 if I was getting some playable hands.

My discipline has improved dramatically over this time from what it had been during my stay at $2/4 for the past few months. I’m not getting married to my good hands and it feels good to be able to lay something down when I know I’m beat.

Marching Slowly

March is going to be a slow month for me playing poker, so I won’t be posting much here. Thursday through Sunday is pretty much out of the question over the next two weeks since I’ll be watching March Madness all day. I love it! Hopefully I’ll get time to play on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights because I’ve been feeling much better about my play lately.