Tonight’s WPBT HORSE event was interesting. I only play hold’em, so I had no clue during the ORSE part of the tournament and finished 56th out of 93. Since Full Tilt doesn’t do a good job with hand histories I don’t have the info to post about any hands. Besides, it’s hard to remember since every 10 minutes or so we were switching to another poker variant. I should have really won the hand I went out on, but this player just wouldn’t fold. It was in Razz and I had A2/5, so I completed the bet and he called. I got an A on the next card, which should have made his K5 look dominated, but he called anyways. I had no choice but to bet the whole way hoping he’d fold since I was severely short-stacked, but he called me down and ended up with a 97 low or something like that. When he called with K5, he had 97 hiding. WTF! Why did he even call the flop with 97/5?

Oh well, I’m sticking to hold’em.

Another Bubble Finish

Yesterday I played a home tournament with my brother and his friends for a full table of ten players. I’ve played with about half of the guys before, but the other half were new faces.

I don’t remember a tournament where my cards have been as cold as in this one. As a result, I wasn’t involved in very many hands. I picked up KK in late position, re-raised the pot, and everyone folded. I had QJo in the blinds and flopped two pair. I had 4 callers on the flop and also on the turn. On the river I hit my full house and no one hit their straight of flush, so they all folded to my bet. I knew they were all drawing or had one lousy pair. Maybe I should have checked since I was first to act, but I don’t think anyone would have bet out with such a scary board.

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Blue March

My favorite college basketball team, the Duke Blue Devils, won the ACC tournament today for the 6th time in the last 7 years (lost the title game in OT last year). What’s remarkable about the win is that they didn’t make a field goal for the final 11 minutes of the game, until Sheldon Williams had a tip-in with 3 seconds left. The win allowed Duke to snag a #1 seed for the NCAA tournament.