New Ride

I’m up in Rogers City for the weekend because of a big purchase I made yesterday. I bought an awesome 2002 Chevy TrailBlazer LT 4×4. It’s black and is just like brand new. The previous owner took great care of it and only put 25,000 miles on it in three years, so it’s hardly been driven. Since the vehicle has the LT package instead of the LS, it’s pretty loaded. It came complete with a towing package, luggage racks, running boards, power everything, CD and cassette, heated mirrors, dual climate controls, compass, etc. You name it. It’s a very nice ride and at a steal of a price too. $17,600 out the door for an SUV that was originally over $30,000 when bought new.

It feels good to have a vehicle in my name for the the first time in my life and to have my own insurance. For those of you who don’t know my situation, my parents were nice enough to ride on their insurance until I turned 25 so that I could save. I simply paid them a car payment and my share of the insurance each month. What can I say? Mom and Dad are the best!

I’ll try to get some photos today and upload them tomorrow when I get back home.