I Lost Over 50,000 Hands in One Day

I just lost over 50,000 hands of poker. I’m in the process of rebuilding my computer tonight and just realized that I forgot to backup the data from Poker Tracker. FUCK! I’ve lost all of the hand histories and accompanying stats for the past 5 months. FUCK!

I guess it’s a fresh start. A fresh start with Poker Tracker Guide (which I purchased last night) to show me the way. Earlier in the week I had made a decision for a fresh poker start anyways.

On Monday night I lost another $150 playing $1/2 and I finally realized what was influencing my play. Ever since I had set goals to get my bankroll to a particular level my play had gone downhill. I was constantly thinking about my bankroll. Each play I made at the tables was to build the bankroll. I stopped playing poker and started playing “build the bankroll.”

My first post here at 2 Hole Cards was on October 2nd. It was the day I decided to get serious about my poker game. I started at the $0.5/1 tables on Party Poker and did well. I quickly moved up to $1/2 and then to $2/4, winning at each level. After a short winning period at $2/4 I set a goal and that’s where it all changed. My game changed and so did my bankroll, but not for the better.

Definitely time for a change. Tomorrow I’m cashing out most of my bankroll and putting it away for a down payment on my new vehicle, which will be purchased in less than 3 weeks. My $2000 bankroll will become $300, which is 300 BB at $0.5/1. Yes, I’m moving back down to the lowest limit that Party offers.

I’m starting over. Wish me luck well.