Death of a Salesman

After dealing with car salesmen, I almost wish for the death of a few. I don’t know if I’ve ever dealt with a profession which is shadier than dealing with car salesmen. These guys twist words and make up more lies than I ever could. They’re trying to rip us off in the first place…isn’t that bad enough?

Right now I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee in my driveway as an extended test drive. I have no intention to buy this vehicle, but I thought I’d take some free gas and the 4 wheel drive for a day. I actually drove two Grand Cherokee today and I really like them. Since the Chevy TrailBlazers and GMC Envoys are selling for much more than they are worth in the past few weeks I’ve had to start looking at other SUVs. I may have found one with the Jeep. It’s a really nice ride. If I could find a black or gray 2003 in my price range, someone may get a sale.

A Service to Replace all Others

Yesterday I discussed my struggles to find a service for links and feeds. Today I found one. My Yahoo!

Not only can I store all of my links/bookmarks and keep track of feeds, but there’s a ton of other information. In your My Yahoo! account you can create several different pages. I’ve created a total of four pages so far. My first page is called Main and has just a ton of information. In the left column I have all of my bookmarks broken down into categories. The second column starts of with my Yahoo! calendar which I also started to use today. It’s a great service for birthday reminders, appointments, and scheduling in general. Below the calendar I have a scoreboard of my favorite pro and college teams. Under the scoreboard I have content modules for Weather, Package Tracker, Yellow Pages, Maps, and Hot Jobs. Finally, a wide column along the right starts off with feeds for ESPN and CNet News. Below those feeds are TV listings for my 6 main channels, movie showtimes in the area, and the white pages.

In addition to this main page I have three other My Yahoo! pages that are all accessed by the click of a button. Page 2, titled Personal Blogs, and page 3, titled Poker Blogs, both containing feeds in their respective categories. The 4th and final page is Web Tools, which contains feeds for sites such as the WordPress development blog and Weblog Tools Collection.

I set out looking for a service to manage bookmarks and feeds, but I found so much more. My Yahoo! is a great service. Beat that Google!