Pluck This

I justed tested out Pluck, a service which manages your links and feeds. They have a really nice piece of software that integrates with IE for reading feeds and managing everything, but it’s only for IE. Their web interface blows. Pluck shows promise, but until they can come up with something for Firefox, I don’t see them moving forward. Anyone know of a good online service to manage both bookmarks and feeds?

I want to easily be able to add/delete/update/organize my list of links and feeds. The service must be able to distinguish an updated feed from an old one. It needs to be free. I need to be able to set up a page with this service to be the home page in my browsers at multiple locations and also be able to access it from any Internet connection.

I’ve been using MyBookmarks for my links and Bloglines for my feeds, but I shouldn’t have to use multiple services for things that are so similar. For some reason I can’t access Bloglines from work, so my two service solution doesn’t even work.

Even if it’s something I can install on my own server that interacts with MySQL that would work too. In fact, it might be better because then I don’t have to worry about a service going down. If it’s down, it’s my problem.

All I know is I need something!