Happy New Year

Tonight I’m off to St. Ignace for some casino poker. I can’t wait. I haven’t played there in at least 6 months, so it’s long overdue. My limit game has improved dramatically since then. I’m out to have fun, but plan to take some cash in the process. From my experience there, the level of play is much worse than online. They do have a weird betting structure though. It’s always been 3-5-10-10 when I’ve played. I should probably change my game a little for this, but I don’t really know which way I should go so I’ll play my normal fish beating game.

Rogers City Poker Series

On Monday and Tuesday, the Rogers City Poker Series (or that’s what I’m calling it at least) was held at my house. My brother Isaac and his buddies came up with a plan for 4 tournaments. Each player, of which we had 9, bought in for a total of $50. The top three places in each tournament would pay out money. We were to play hold’em twice, ohama once, and stud once.

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Big Hands Win

Over my last 10,000 hands, the cards with the highest winning percentage are AdAs, KcKh, QcQs, AsKs, and AhKd. In that exact order too. It’s reassuring to know that the best hand wins the majority of the time, even online.