It Never Ends

When will the bad beats end? Seriously!?

  • Big slick ends up splitting a pot with A3o after the board pairs on the turn and the river, giving us the same full house.
  • Big slick, which paired the A, loses to a gutshot straight draw on the river.
  • Pocket tens loses to a guy raising me like crazy with his KQo when a Q comes on the river.
  • AT, which paired the Ace, loses to 55 when a 5 hits on the turn.
  • Flop a flush and get beat when the river pairs the board for a full house. The guy called like 18 raises between me and another guy.
  • Pocket rockets beat by T4 who called me all the way down without any draw at all and ends up hitting the runner runner straight.
  • Pocket tens beat by 72 when a 2 came on the turn and a 7 on the river.
  • Pocket sixes beat by 94o when a 4 hit the turn and a 9 on the river.
  • My QT vs Q7 with a Q on the flop. You guessed it, he hit one of the three remaining 7s on the turn.
  • My A2 suited hits an A on the flop and I also get a flush draw. I raise. I pair my two on the river. Raise again. River is a 3 to give the guy with A3 the win. It was going to be a split pot if no one improved, but I hit one of my twelve outs on the turn and get beat by a 3 outter on the river.

Each of these pots were over 10 big bets and some approaching the 20 big bet pot. If I’m such a magnet for miracles why can’t I win this bad beat jackpot?

Yes, those are all from a few hours of play tonight. I didn’t even include the ones from earlier in the night before I went out to finish my Christmas shopping. I can’t hit a flush draw when I’m getting the odds to call, but everyone else seems to be shitting bricks of gold. I’m getting unreal hole cards tonight and hitting some flops, but getting outdrawn by people that have no business calling my flop or turn bets. If I win 2 or 3 of those pots, I’m ahead. If I win another one or two, it’s a great night at the tables. If the odds go my way for once this month…it’s one hell of a night at the tables. But no, I’m a big LOSER!

Have you noticed how fast the Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is climbing? DAMN! I think I just contributed 2 grand to it myself. Ok, so not really, but it feels that way. These bad beat tables are so unbelieveably juicy, but I can’t win a hand. But it’s impossible to win here when the cards are going the way I showed above. And just when I thought I was back on the winning trail…I get bitch slapped upside the head. Where’s the love? Maybe I should just stay away from the BBJ tables, but I can’t help myself. When the jackpot gets over $100,000, everyone shows up to play. I just can’t catch a run of cards to take advantage of the douche bags. I should change my screenname to “Fish Feeder” because they’ve been living off me lately.

Time for bed…

Christmas Tradition

Every year, the Christmas holiday is celebrated around the world. Each family has their own special Christmas traditions. My family has crab legs for dinner on Christmas Eve, we go to Church, and then come home to exchange gifts. One gift I get every year from my Mom is a container of chocolate covered almonds. I’m just waiting for her to forget one year. How do you celebrate the holiday?