Halo 2 Has Been A Hit

In less than a month, more than 5 millions copies of Halo 2 were sold. The game has also logged more hours of play on Xbox Live than any other game. That’s pretty amazing since there are numerous games that have been playable on Xbox live for 2 years and Halo 2 did it in less than a month. (GameSpot)

I don't hate, I donate

Last night I fired up a couple of $25 no-limit 6-max hold’em tables. My cards at the limit tables are still on a cold streak so I thought I’d switch up the pace a bit. Soon after taking my seats, I knew I was in for a ride. There were players going all-in on a $2 pot pre-flop. Raising and calling all-in with middle pair. Typical Party Poker play is really all it was now that I think of it.

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