Step 1

Played in two of the Step 1 sit and gos today and placed 3rd in the second one, giving me a free spot in a Step 2. The play is actually worse than the $10 sit and gos if you can believe it. The only reason I didn’t place in my first try was because some idiot called my big raise with big slick when he had pocket 5s and they hold up. Of course, several hands later he calls my pocket 5s all-in with pocket 2s and spikes a miracle 2 on the river. I was out in 11th place.

Can God?

“So do you believe in God?” he says.

“Yes I do.”

“Ok, then here is a question for you: do you believe God can do anything.”


“Then do you believe he could create a mountain so big that he couldn’t move it?”

Full Contact Poker

No Fear Of Failure

I saw this in an office today on a paper weight…”What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

I’d move to California (Bay area) and start my own company.