There’s something about Leonardo DiCaprio that rubs me the wrong way. I’m not sure what it is either. Maybe it’s just his facial expressions or the tone of his voice. None of his movies look good to me. Could it be that they don’t look good simply because he stars in them?

Back in the Saddle

After taking a few days off, I sat down Wednesday night and fired up Party Poker. I opened up two of the $2/4 bad beat jackpot tables and played for a few hours, losing over $100. I had now lost nearly $600 over the last 3 days I had played. Time for a reality check.

I looked at my stats, but nothing jumped out at me. I thought about my play over this time. I could remember bad beats, my draws that never hit, and calling down with a mediocre hand at best. I was attempting to get out of my slump by turning into a calling station on the turn and river. It was costing me money. After making the move to $2/4, my stats show that I’m losing over 1 BB/100 hands. Not exactly the results I was expecting.

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