Golf At Boyne Highlands

Just a quick update to say that I golfed on the Heather course at Boyne Highlands today. We only played 9 holes though because the rain really started to come down. I was on a scramble team with my Dad and our team took first out of the three teams. -3 for nine holes in those conditions was pretty good. My putter was right on target the whole time. Now I just need to fix my golf swing!

Top 10 May 2004 Searches

At the end of each month (I’ve decided this is the last month I am posting this), I post a list of the top 10 keyword combinations (searches) that visitors have used in a search engine to get to my site. It’s not a popularity list, because “poker chip tricks” and every possible way to search for that would dominate my top 10. These are the funniest, weirdest, or craziest searches that have resulted in a visit to my site. The searches listed are exactly as someone typed them into a search engine.

Here’s the list for May 2004…enjoy!

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Angels & Demons

Angels & DemonsAnother great book by Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code. I read the majority of the book on the flights to and from Sacramento, and finished up the rest last night. It was another page turner with a lot of suspense.

Just like the previous book I read by Brown there was a lot of code breaking which I really liked. This book was about the Catholic church and the Illuminati, who were attempting to get revenge on the church and destroy it’s following. Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor was the main character again. The character developments done by Brown are awesome. Throughout the story he throws in flashbacks for many of the characters explaining one of their fears or how they came to be where they are in their lives.

There was an insane amount of history in this book again. Brown must research for months and read hundreds of books before he dives into writing his own books, because his facts are top-notch. If you’ve read any of his other books, you should also read this one. I give it a rare A+.

If Things Look Funny…

Over the next week I’ll be making a lot more tweaks to the design of the site. If you notice anything that looks funny or out of place, leave a comment so I can check it out. Currently I’m using Firefox and IE 6 for testing, so if you are using another browser let me know how the site looks.

Update: Header images for the GanGreen the BluePrint styles are up!

May Contain Peanuts

PeanutsHave you ever looked at the wrapper of a Snickers bar or another candybar? They usually say “May contain peanuts” for whatever reason. Well, it looks like the airlines have taken it a step further with the little bags of peanuts that they give out on flights. Look at the last line of text in the image: “Produced in a facility that processes peanuts and other nuts.” Seriously…where would you expect a bag of peanuts to be produced? In a toilet paper factory?

Halo: The Flood

The Flood (Halo)Great book if you liked the XBOX game Halo, but then again, who doesn’t like that game? As I was reading the book I could recall the exact places in the game that they were mentioning. It makes me want to beat the game again (for like the 5th time).

What I really liked about the book was that I learned about all of the action that happened away from Master Chief on the planet Halo. There was a lot of fighting between the humans and the Covenant that is never mentioned or shown while playing through the game. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that Master Chief does in the game that are skipped in the book, so it is a nice combination between the two.

I do have a complaint though. Halo: Fall of Reach was the first book in the series and was a great book. This book was released second so I read it next, which was great. I picked up what is supposed to be the third book (Halo: First Strike), which was released after The Flood, but the action takes place in between the two books. I’m confused and didn’t like the idea so I decided not to read it right now. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll pick it back up and then might be able to understand why it was done this way.

For now, I give this book an A-.