Kentucky Derby

My friend Casey and Hater headed down to Kentucky for Saturday’s 130th running of the Derby. How awesome would that be to attend? I gave Casey a ten spot to put on Lion Heart to Show. What that means is that the horse needs to finish in the top 3 and I’ll win money (the higher the finish, the more payoff). Hopefully it’ll cash out nicely. Right now the horse has 10-1 odds, so it’s not a long shot or a favorite, but in the top half of the pack.

Update:Lion Heart placed second! 😀

Man Power!

DeWalt 18 volt Cordless DrillAs a house warming gift my Dad bought me a DeWalt 18 volt Cordless Drill/Driver Kit. It’s a sweet gift. I don’t know what it is about having a cordless power tool in your hands, but it sure does make a guy feel good. [Insert Tim the Toolman sounds!]

It came with 2 batteries, a charger, two ended screwdriver bit, and a nice case for it all. I also picked up a Craftsman drill bit set to go with it. The project for today is drilling holes in the celing to support me rear channel speakers for the full surround sound effect. I already got started, but have to wait for a battery to charge since they were pretty much dead to begin with.

All I need now is a saw and I think I could build my own house without too much trouble. Haha!