Detroit Lions – 2004 NFL Draft

As I settled into my chair yesterday at noon I wondered how the Lions would fuck up the 2004 NFL Draft. They had the #6 pick and could possible get TE Kellen Winslow or S Sean Taylor (both from Miami) if they were still available. Taylor was picked just before them at #5, so I thought Winslow was the lock pick when the Lions were put on the clock.

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School Of Rock

School of Rock (Widescreen Edition)I’ve heard quite a few favorite reviews about this movie so I thought I’d see what it was all about. It was a pretty good movie, but probably not one that I would watch again.

Jack Black plays a guy lost in a dream to start a rock band. When he can’t pay his rent, he is forced to lie and take a substitute teaching position. Once he finds out that the kid in his class have musical talent, he uses them to create his dream band.

I really thought there would be more humor in the movie since Black was the star, but there wasn’t. There was some good music in the movie and it’s always cool to see kids rebel against their prep school.

I have to give it a B-.