Halo: The Fall Of Reach

The Fall of Reach (Halo)If you are a fan of the XBOX game Halo then this book is for you.

It is the first in a series of books based on the video game. I really liked how it fills in all of the gaps in the story. The Fall of Reach explains what happened up until the opening sequences of the game. You learn where Master Chief came from and how he became such a kickass soldier.

I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who can’t appreciate the game, but if was a good read for me. The character developments and plot where more than I could ask for in a book about a video game. It really adds to the whole Halo experience. Now I’m on to the next book, The Flood, which is supposed to tell the story that takes place during the game. So far it’s holding true to form.

I’ll give this book a B+, but only that low because it didn’t knock me off my feet.

15 Replies to “Halo: The Fall Of Reach”

  1. I just started the book a couple hours ago and i could not put it down. Its one of the best books i have ever read. At one point it brought a tear to my eye when one of master cheifs friends died on the first encounter with the covenant in chapeter 14.


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  3. halo is a good book. i especially like the game XD.

    i havnt read the book yet but im going to and my brother dsaid its heaps good. im goiing to do my book review on it. :]


  4. yea whatever. as if. i finished the halo game on the hardest one and didnt need anyones help. byu my 2 1/2 year older brother neede my help. i praactically done it all for him.

    at lunch just before i sat on some dirt and it looks like poo. :[


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