Starting The Move

I started moving stuff today to my new place. It’s a pain in the ass, but exciting at the same time. The futon is all put together and was a great purchase. I also spent some more money today on cleaning stuff, a new vacuum, a Swiffer, and various other things I’ll need at the new place. I did a pretty good job of writing everything down today as I thought of them.

Tomorrow I’m going to clean the whole place down because there are some pretty dusty places here and there. I desperately need to get a haircut tomorrow too!

I’ve posted pictures of the new duplex before anything was moved in.

Wal-Mart Stalker

I don’t think I ever mentioned it before, but I also have a stalker at Wal-Mart! And…I saw him there today, which was kind of weird after what happened online last night.

A few months ago Heather and I were doing some shopping at Wal-Mart. I was going down one of the aisles by myself when some guy, maybe slightly younger than me, stopped and claimed to know me from somewhere. He then asked me where I work and some other stuff I can’t remember. I started walking away as soon as possible. I met up with Heather in another aisle and we continued to show all over the store for different things we were looking for. Well…this guy followed us and we saw him probably like 10 times in completely different/odd places of the store where it could not just have been a coincidence.

Today I was picking up some cleaning supplies and things for my new place and as I walked down an aisle I noticed him right away. He said, “Hi.” I said it back and kept going. I heard him from behind me say something like, “Hey, aren’t you from…” I didn’t turn around. What a weirdo. As soon as he was out of sight I called Heather to tell her and we both had a good laugh.

Internet Stalker

I now have an online stalker! Some guy just starts talking to me today on MSN Messenger (I’ll keep his screenname private) after he found my web site. Seemed like a nice guy interested in poker, but then starting asking me personal questions. He was asking things like what I do for a living and where I was from… then all of the sudden he asks me how much money I make and tells me that I don’t have any friends. He then wants to explain my personality to me! I’m like, “WHAT THE FUCK!

If someone thinks they can explain who I am by reading my website and chatting with me for 5 minutes, what is this world coming to?

To all the psychos out there…go ahead and read my site, but please refrain from contacting me if you can’t act normal. Seriously, what did this guy think he was going to accomplish by writing this stuff to me over IM? It seems he might be the one who needs to find some friends or something better to do with his time.