I Like To Compete

I don’t care what it is…I like to compete. Whether I’m playing basketball, golfing, playing poker, working, or playing video games, I like to make a competition out of everything. I don’t like to lose to anyone at anything, but I am always up for the challenge.

My Dad ingrained the competitive nature in me as a child while playing sports and it has lived on ever since. I thank him for this because competing is a lot of fun and has given me many memories over the past 24 years.

Since I hate to lose, if I do end up losing, I make it a personal goal to get better at whatever it is that I lost at. I want to be the best and won’t accept anything less. It’s not easy to be the best at everything you do, but I sure do try. It takes a lot of hard work to learn something new or improve your skills at something you are mediocre at. I’ll do research on the Internet, read books, practice…pretty much whatever it takes.

One thing that I’ve recently noticed is that I talk to myself when I’m competing at something. As an example, I’ll be playing basketball, take a shot, and it ends up short. I’ll catch myself whispering, “Use your legs!” Or…I’ll be playing poker online, will play a hand that I shouldn’t have, and of course lose the pot. I’ll again whisper something like, “Play those hands and you deserve to lose.” So even when I’m competing I’m working at getting better!

Challenge me…