Go Tigers!

The Detroit Tigers are 3-0 to start the season! It’s almost as many wins as they had all of last year! Might have to go watch a game this summer if this keeps up.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Lord of the Rings: Return of the KingI had never thought too much of these type of games, but after playing it this past weekend and beating the co-op mode in 2 sittings with Jere, I was impressed. On Saturday night we were up until 6 a.m. before we decided we better get some sleep! It would have taken much longer to beat had I not been killing everyone, making up for Jere’s lack of kills. 😉

It follows the story of the movie very well and is put together nicely for a video game. You get to choose between several different characters at different points of the game. As you play through, you gain experience points by killing the enemies. The more hits/kills you string together, the more points you gain. With these experience points, you can buy new attacks and special powers. It’s pretty sweet.

I played most of the time as Legolas and I was loving his arrow upgrades, especially the final upgrade which allowed me to shoot two arrows at once. We never did try Gandalf, although I hear he is an ass-kicker. One thing I know for sure…Frodo is a pussy!

Compared to some of my other favorite XBOX games, it ranks right up there and I give it an A-.