Lotto Theory

I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t like to have more money. Money, of course, isn’t the solution to life’s problems, but it sure does make living easier. It’s the reason people buy lottery tickets; for that chance at millions of dollars. Not even needs the money of course, but I’m talking about the average person, not Bill Gates.

I propose a change to the way current lottery systems are run.

Why don’t they user fewer numbers to pick from? Instead matching 6 out of 46 or 50 numbers, they could cut that down to 30, 35, even 40 numbers. This would increase everyone’s (if you buy a ticket of course) chance at winning the big jackpots. It would still be a shot in the dark, but your chances would be much better. This would mean more people would match the numbers more often. Who really needs the jackpots to reach $200 million? I couldn’t spend that much money if I tried. If more people are winning that will also mean there will be more split jackpots, but so what! More people will be winning and that is the key argument I have.

It was just a random thought I had a few weeks ago…maybe I’m crazy.